Relieve Bath & Body Oil

Relieve Bath & Body Oil

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  • Blended to relieve muscle tension
  • Detoxifying and pain relieving
  • Helps soothe muscular injury, stiffness and swelling 

Apply and massage into areas of soreness.  Add Relieve Synergy to specific areas of extra tension.

Transform your bath with this essential oil blend for relieving tension in the body, for pain relief and soothing muscular injury. The "Mother Synergy" blended with Ummelina's lightweight massage oil of eight different plant lipids. When combined with water it emulsifies into a creamy bath water or a lotion easily absorbed into the skin. No ring around the tub to clean, just rinse. No oily residue on your skin. The life enhancing character of our blends will transform your bath. Our lightweight and easily absorbed oil can be used for massage or after-shower hydration. The moisturizing effect of this product translates into exceptional food for your skin

Infuse your bath waters with 4-6 pumps of Bath and Body Oil, 6-8 drops of Relieve Synergy and Bath Salts.  Soak, stretch, relax.